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I have always admired Tartelette and wanted to try her macaron recipes but the ingredients are measured in metric and without a kitchen scale, I was sure to screw it up.  When we saw a digital kitchen scale for less than $20 at Costco today, I immediately grabbed it.  As soon as we came home, I prepared the macaron ingredients.  I used the exact ratio that Tartelette used for her raspberry mascarpone macarons.  Instead of making the mascarpone filling, I wanted to try something different, ice cream!  I used Wilton rose gel coloring to get the pink for the macarons and then I paired them with homemade strawberry ice cream.  It was a heavenly combination!

Macaron shells

90 gr egg whites (3 egg whites, aged in the fridge for 2 days if possible)
25 gr granulated sugar (2 tbsps)
200 gr powdered sugar (2 cups)
110 gr almonds (1 cup)
1/8 tsp Wilton rose gel food coloring

Strawberry ice cream filling

1 pint strawberries (puree)
1/4 cup sugar
2 cups cold heavy cream
1 tbsp of fresh lemon juice


Pulse powdered sugar and almond flour in a food processor until combined. Sift mixture 2 times which helps the macarons have smooth tops.

Beat egg whites at medium speed until foamy.  Add sugar gradually and beat on high speed until stiff (when you turn the bowl upside down, nothing falls).  Add the rose gel color and continue beating on high speed until well blended and stiff.

Sift flour over mixture, and fold the dry ingredients into the egg whites in three stages (don’t push down on eggs), continuing to fold until a ribbon forms.

Transfer batter to a ziplock bag fitted with a 1/2-inch plain round tip, and pipe 3/4-inch rounds 1 inch apart on parchment-lined baking sheets.  Let them stand at room temperature for 45-60 minutes.

While you are waiting for the shells to harden, prepare the ice cream by combining strawberry, sugar, cream, and lemon juice in a food processor.  Pour the combination in an ice cream maker and process according to the manufacturer’s instruction.

Once you are done with the ice cream, put it in the freezer while you continue working on the macarons.

Preheat oven 280˚F. Bake until macarons are crisp and firm, and you see feet forming.  This should take about 10-12 minutes.

Let macarons cool on for 2 to 3 minutes, and then transfer to a wire rack.  If macarons stick, spray water underneath parchment on hot sheet. The steam will help release macarons.

Sandwich 2 same-size macarons with 1 tbsp of ice cream.  Serve immediately.


Comments on: "Strawberry Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich" (6)

  1. Those look delicious! Strawberry ice cream in strawberry macarons are genius! I definitely need to try this someday.

  2. Thanks Krystal! I’ve been toying with the idea for while but never had the time to try it. It was messy, but a lot of fun! I’m looking forward to trying other combinations too!

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  4. I’m still too much of a wuss to try making macarons (although, Opera Cafe in Sorrento Valley offers classes every once in a while)… maybe if i get a food scale… but it’s so intimidating! Yours, btw, look PERFECT! I’m drooling… you should take orders Vy! Maybe not ice cream macarons but with other fillings. If you do, let me know, i’ll place an order 🙂

  5. Thanks An! I’ve only made them a few times so I need to practice a lot more before I can make them for other people, but prob more as gifts instead of charging money, hehe. Btw, Costco has an awesome scale for $20. You might consider getting it and just trying more macarons =P

  6. This would be excellent in summer!

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