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Kahlua Tiramisu with Chocolate Truffles

This week has been quite busy for me.  The Joint Commission came to our hospital and turned everyone into mad chickens running around with their heads cut off.  For those who are not familiar, the Joint Commission accredits and certifies more than 18,000 health care organizations in the US ensuring that safe and effective care is provided to patients.  After 5 days of pure stress, I decided to treat myself to something heavenly, tiramisu!  I wanted an easy, no bake tiramisu with its essence uncompromised.  The key to a good tiramisu is mascarpone cheese.  Absolutely no substitution!  Mascarpone cheese originated from Lombardy, Italy and is much lighter than most cheeses but thicker than whipped cream.  You will not find mascarpone cheese in the dairy aisle of your neighborhood Vons or Albertsons.  After searching for days, I finally found it at Whole Foods.  If you find it somewhere else, please let me know.  I also discovered chocolate truffles from France at Costco this weekend and decided to top off my tiramisu with these divine truffles in addition to cocoa powder.  You can definitely wow your family and friends with this homemade, fuss free tiramisu this holiday season.  Why not do something nontraditional for dessert!  I hope you will find this dessert as divine as I did.

Tiramisu Ingredients

1 cup whipping cream
½  cup sugar plus 2 tbsps for the coffee
¼ cup Kahlua
6 oz mascarpone cheese
1 cup espresso coffee, warmed
16-20 crisp ladyfinger cookies
Chocolate truffles for garnish
Unsweetened cocoa powder for garnish
*with the cream, you can make a 3-layer tiramisu.  I saved 1/3 of the cream to serve the tiramisu in a martini glass.


With an electric mixer, beat the cream and sugar in a medium bowl until soft peaks form.

Pour in the kaluha and beat.

Fold the mascarpone into the whipped cream. Cover and refrigerate.

Line a 8 1/2 by 6 1/2 by 2-inch pan with plastic wrap, allowing the plastic to extend over the sides.

Whisk the warmed espresso and the remaining 2 tbsps of sugar in another medium bowl until blended.  Working with 1 cookie at a time, dip it into the espresso.

Arrange in a single layer side by side over the bottom of the prepared pan.

Spoon 1/3-1/2 of the mascarpone mixture over the cookies to cover.

Repeat dipping the cookies in the espresso and layering the cookies and remaining mascarpone on top.

Refrigerate at least 6 hours.

Move the tiramisu onto a plate for serving.  You can leave the tiramisu as one big square or use a round mold to cut the tiramisu into individual tiramisus.

Garnish with these heavenly truffles.

Sift the cocoa over the tiramisu.


You can also serve your tiramisu in a martini class.

Pomegranate Martini

When I went to Trader Joe’s in La Jolla, I saw the fruit stand nearby with their colorful display of fruits and vegetables and could not resist the gorgeous red pomegranates.  I got a bonsai pomegranate tree as a kid and was fascinated with the pinky sized pomegranates hanging from it at the beginning of October.  Eventually I got tired of not being able to eat them and asked my dad to plant the tree in the yard.  After years of my dad’s hard work, the tree has grown to four feet and consistently produced a few fruits every October to November.  Pomegranates take a lot of work to extract the flavorful, crunch, juicy seeds, but they are absolutely delightful once you taste them.  The ripest pomegranates are deep red and their peels begin to crack open.  I love the color of the seeds, like precious tiny rubies.  This time, I wanted to try something different and make a pomegranate martini instead.  If you like cranberry vodka, a pleasant surprise awaits you.

Pomegranate Martini

1 oz (2 tbsps) of vodkla
6 oz (3/4 cup) of pomegranate juice
1 tsp of sugar
Orange peel for garnish


With a knife cut the pomegranate in half.  Use your fingers to pry the fruit apart.

Working over a bowl filled with water, pry the seeds away from the membrane and peel.

Once you are done stripping the seeds from the peel and membrane, strain the seeds from the water.

You can use half for your martini and save the other half to munch on.  A large pomegranate can make up to two cups of juice.  If you are busy, you can always skip all this work and substitute with POM from any grocery stores.

Press the seeds through a sieve to extract the juice.  Add the sugar to the juice and mix well.  Pomegranate juice can be a bit tart so add enough sugar to you liking.

To a martini shaker add the vodka, pomegranate juice, and a few cubes of ice. Shake and serve in a chilled martini glass.

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