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Welcome to Daily Foodgasm, a blog devoted to cooking, food, and photography. My name is Vy, a pharmacist by day and aspired chef after hour.  I have loved cooking ever since I was a little girl.  My mom introduced me to the kitchen, but my husband, Vu, deserves the credit for inspiring me to create mouth watering dishes.  I grew up cooking only Vietnamese dishes, but ever since I dated Vu, about nine years ago, I ventured toward international cuisine, attempting things like sambusa, blinis, ceviche, pad thai, funnel cake, French macarons, and everything in between.  Cooking has been a hobby, an avenue to explore my creative side and decompress after a stressful day in the ICU.  Without formal training, cooking and baking have been daunting, but I embraced the challenge, learning new things and having fun along the way.  I want to share my passion for food and cooking with the rest of the world.  Join me on my culinary journey and discover your inner chef.

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  1. Faith Lin said:

    Vy I am so proud of you! This makes me very very happy…

  2. Thanks Faith! Hopefully, when I get a real job, I’ll have more time to cook =P

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